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Re: Mis-addressing of labels (Was: Claiming Statistics) (Bill Cohen) Birdie MacLennan 18 Jun 2002 16:22 UTC

Added notes in regard to processing renewals in the publisher's offices,
you will not find too much "re-keyboarding" of the subscriber's name &
address.  For renewals, almost all subscription departments simply change
the expiration date of the subscriber--they don't have to re-import the
full name & address in a subscribership "record."

Some subscription agencies have a "Customer Number" or "Order Number"
specific to a jouranl and a subscriber.  The fully automated publisher
usually searches for that "number" and then changes the expiration date.

Problems sometimes come about when the "ship-to" address (the "receiving"
address) for the library change.  When there is a "new address" for the
"ship-to," both libraries ordering directly and/or agents which provide
the renewal should really give both the old address and the new address.
I am sure this is so basic and fundamental that only very, very new
librarians or library technicians/student helpers would not be familiar
with these notes.

With kind regards,

Bill Cohen, Publisher
The Haworth Press, Inc.
10 Alice Street
Binghamton, New York 13904