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Re: Claiming statistics? (Amy Anderson) Birdie MacLennan 18 Jun 2002 17:18 UTC

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 12:19:47 -0500
From: Amy Anderson <>
Subject: Re: Claiming statistics? (Albert Henderson)

Albert Henderson <chessNIC@COMPUSERVE.COM> wrote:

>         However, many publishers have
>         complained to me about library claims generated
>         many months after mailing. We know libraries
>         follow a check-in process for incoming serials
>         intended to generate claims for damaged and
>         missing numbers. Subscribers that have lost or
>         damaged their issues should take responsibility.

Unfortunately, sometimes publication patterns and mailing schedules are
so erratic that we don't realize an issue (or issues!) is missing until a
significant amount of time has gone by.  My particular library automation
system will not always allow us to create publication patterns that match
those of the publisher, so we cannot predict when the next issue is due.
So we simply have to wait until the next received issue comes in and then
check it against those already received to see if we have missed
anything.  Occasionally, 6 months to a year may go by before an issue
arrives, and we can check our holdings.

Once again, I will state that we do take responsibility for issues that
have been lost or damaged after arrival at our library, and in no case
are these claimed from the publishers.  I have been hearing this type of
comment since I began serials work in 1990, and I wish there was a way to
convince publishers of our good faith.


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