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Mail delivery to libraries (Was: Mis-addressing of labels) (Jennifer van Sickle) SERIALST 18 Jun 2002 21:13 UTC

 From:  van Sickle, Jennifer
 Sent:  Tuesday, June 18, 2002
 Subject:       mail delivery to libraries

 In reference to Mr. Henderson's comments below:

 I have observed that when in doubt, our campus mail staff generally give
 'mystery mail' to the library.  We get more mail than any department on
 campus except for admissions.  If in doubt, it ends up here for us to
 figure out and re-direct.  We've even had to re-direct mail intended for
 other libraries or individuals.

 Our campus was established well before the automobile era.  As far as USPS
 deliveries go, the building that houses the campus mail room is easily
 accessible from the street; the library and most departments on campus are
 not, especially now that the library is under construction/renovation.  It
 makes far more sense for us to have a central mail room rather than for
 the USPS to navigate between each and every department on campus.

 Since we are a small institution, we do not have the multiple library
 mailing label problem mentioned by Carol Feustel, but I do take issue with
 short windows of opportunity for claiming.  We have about 2200
 subscriptions in print, and it is generally not possible for us to claim
 within 6 months.  It is especially unfair for publishers who routinely
 publish behind schedule, but still expect us to claim within 6 months!


 Jennifer van Sickle
 Serials Librarian/Science Bibliographer
 Trinity College Library
 300 Summit St.
 Hartford, CT 06106
 phone: (860) 297-2250
 fax: (860) 297-2251

> On Mon Jun 17 2002 Albert Henderson chessNIC@COMPUSERVE.COM wrote:
> Moreover, I have seen too many instances of higher
>         education institutions running library mail through
>         their central mailroom, where it can easily be
>         misdirected. There is no reason why the post office
>         cannot deliver all mail directly to the library.
>         All any library needs is a street address or PO box.