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Re: Mis-addressing of labels (Was: Claiming Statistics) (Albert Henderson) SERIALST Moderator 24 Jun 2002 19:14 UTC

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 23:31:38 -0400
From: Albert Henderson <>
Subject: Re: Mis-addressing of labels (Was: Claiming Statistics)
  (Carol Feustel)

on Tue, 18 Jun 2002 Feustel, Carol <FEUSTECS@UCMAIL.UC.EDU> wrote:

> The University of Cincinnati has 13 separate Libraries.  If our Library
> name (Health Sciences Library) is not spelled out CORRECTLY on the label
> the chance of correct delivery is 50-50.  The correct street address is
> important too, but if our library name is not on the label a journal will
> float until it finds a home-right or wrong.  An Emergency Medicine
> journal may land permanently in the Emergency Medicine Dept., Psychiatry
> in Psychiatry, Orthopedics in Orthopedics, etc.
> I've given this label to my vendors:
> Health Sciences Library - U Cincinnati
> MSB R101 Box 670574 Serials Dept
> 231 Albert Sabin Way
> Cincinnati, OH  45267-0574


>                                 But the really annoying
> one is:
>         University of Cincinnati
>         PO Box 670574
>         Cincinnati, OH 452--  (usually the zip is wrong)
        The problem here is the use of the word 'box.' The
        publisher assumed the 'box 670574' is a PO box and
        therefore the preferred delivery address for mail.

        Publishers using the mails (rather than UPS) for
        delivery will often choose to put the PO Box on
        the delivery line (and drop the street address)
        because the USPS rules cited earlier indicate that
        is the standard way to do it.

        My suggestion is to change the word 'box' to 'MS'
        or 'Dept' or 'stop' or '#' and so on.

        Good luck and best wishes,

Albert Henderson