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Re: importance of salaries in job ads Pat Meyer 29 Aug 2002 15:29 UTC

I love Serials, but there are so many additional issues that I MUST take into
account for employment.  I am unable to do my job simply for fun.  Salary
information is a definite plus in evaluating my interest in a position.  No
matter how excited I might be in a particular opening, it is a frustrating waste
of time and effort for both parties to go through the application process
(occasionally even to the point of offering) only to discover I can't afford to

Many administrations are reluctant to post dollar amounts because of the
innumerable variables in determining appropriate salaries.  It is extremely
difficult to determine what a competitive salary might be, particularly  when
many libraries don't publicize. They are also afraid to discourage potential
applicants who might be positively impressed by other considerations
(opportunity for growth, advancement, improved environment, location, prestige,
etc.) and accept a lower salary in order to accommodate other priorities.
These people will apply anyway.  All that said, I find it difficult to imagine a
professional with the level of expertise you'll want who wouldn't include
sufficient compensation as a major factor in their employment decisions.

There is a natural dynamic in which applicants desire the maximum amount they
can get, while the employer is frequently obligated to spend as little as
possible.  Salaries usually are (& should be) negotiated and personally tailored
for each match of employers needs and applicants assets (with a healthy dose of
common sense).  One suggestion is to post a wide potential salary range.  This
would at least give interested parties a realistic perspective on the positions
financial viability.

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Regina Beach <regina_l_beach@HOTMAIL.COM> on 08/28/2002 10:14:27 AM

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  Subject      importance of salaries in job ads


I'm hoping to advertise a serials librarian position soon.  My university's
provost has set a policy of not allowing salaries in job ads.  This severely
limits us in our librarian searches.

We very much need an experienced professional to manage our serials area and
can pay a decent salary (about $35K-40K).

My deep concern is that unless I am able to advertise salary, I will not
have experienced librarians in the pool.  I've been pushing this with my
administration to no avail.  Input from you all (the people we want to hire)
may help.

There are several factors in deciding to apply for a job.  How important is
the salary advertised in the job ad in that decision?

Please post to the list.  Your point of view may help someone else.

If you're more comfortable responding privately, please do so at


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