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Re: Barcodes for serials Sharon Wieczorek 02 Dec 2002 14:05 UTC


The publisher's barcode is really called a UPC and identifies 1) the
publisher; 2) the magazine title; 3) the issue number  and a check sum at
the end. This can be read by any software that is programmed to read UPC
codes for magazines. Each issue of a magazine has a different UPC due to
the issue number but the issue numbers recycle every ten years so that can
be a problem. The publisher number is the same for all titles published
under that company and that may be a problem also.

Serials is a hard department for barcoding for library usage because of
those reasons but not impossible. It just depends on the budget and what is
prioritized for spending for each library.

Hope this helps.

Sharon Wieczorek
Serials Supervisor
Mercyhurst College
Hammermill Library
Erie, PA 16546

Parenteau Véronique wrote:

> To be more clear: I am talking about the commercial barcodes put on
> serials by the publisher, not the ones put by the library for the
> circulation.
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> > Objet :       Barcodes for serials

> > Hi all,

> > I am trying to learn a little about barcodes for serials. More
> > precisely, I would like to know if the barcode is generally the same
> > for all issues of a title or if there is a new barcode for each issue.
> >
> > I know that the SISAC allows to identify each issue, but what about
> > the EAN 13? Is it possible to identify the specific issue of a magazine
> > with that kind of barcode or only the title?
> >
> > Are there other types of barcodes used for serials?
> >
> > Thanks!
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