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Re: Barcodes for serials Dan Lester 02 Dec 2002 15:54 UTC

Monday, December 2, 2002, 7:05:55 AM, you wrote:
SW> Serials is a hard department for barcoding for library usage because of
SW> those reasons but not impossible. It just depends on the budget and what is
SW> prioritized for spending for each library.

One easy and effective way of handling tracking current issue usage is
to barcode the shelf rather than the individual issues.  If you have
your current issues arranged on open shelves, simply add a barcode
label to the label that includes the title.  Then, when you pick up
four issues of Time, simply scan the barcode for Time four times. If
you keep current issues with the bound volumes in the stacks, I
imagine you could work out the same thing, perhaps with a barcoded
dummy next to the current issues.

As to the type of scanner, that's a matter of personal choice, type
needed, quality desired, etc.  All of them simply capture the barcode
information to upload to your system.  The brand doesn't matter to
your system, although your ILS vendor will be happy to sell you their
"preferred brand" at an inflated price.



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