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Price increase from Ebsco. Christopher Waldrop 02 Dec 2002 20:39 UTC


With all the talk of price increases, it should be noted that a few price
increases aren't real but are due to clerical errors on the part of

At Vanderbilt we subscribe to Journal of the Chinese Institute of
Chemical Engineers (ISSN 0368-1653). For the past three years we've
been billed $60 per year for our subscription, so it came as a surprise
when we were billed $1835.35 for 2003.

The problem seems to be a clerical error at Ebsco, but since it's in their
catalogue it may not just be limited to us. Their catalog lists the
subscription price for Taiwan subscribers as 1800 Taiwan dollars, but
gives the price for foreign subscribers as $1800--that's 1800 U.S.
dollars. In reality 1800 Taiwan dollars converts to around $51.00.

I've checked with two other sources and found that the list the price
as $60. If you subscribe to this title through Ebsco, make sure you're
being billed the correct amount.

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