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Re: Cataloging IEEE electronic proceedings Lisa O'Hara 05 Dec 2002 19:16 UTC

Hi Natasha,

I'd be interested in hearing the replies that you get to this query.  We
also cancelled the print for our IEEE journals and proceedings.  We
catalogued the electronic journals without a problem but are having trouble
with the proceedings (mostly the sheer quantity of them!).

With the print, we tended to use a  serial record whenever possible. But,
because of the way that the IEEE site has a separate URL for each year, we
would need to add an 856 for each year to which we have access.  This would
make the serial record impossibly long and our system (DRA Classic) can't
handle it.

OCLC has copy for the proceedings as monographs (although we don't use
OCLC).  But you still have the problem of adding new titles.  IEEE does
have a notification service of sorts which I looked at a while ago but it
seems to me that it didn't meet my needs for some reason.

At present, we've catalogued about 187 of the proceedings and haven't been
able to go much further because other things have taken priority.  I'd love
to find a quick way to get records for all of them in.  So, please let me
know what you find out!


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