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Re: Cataloging IEEE electronic proceedings Oliver, Jenna L 06 Dec 2002 17:09 UTC

We have cataloged conferences here as monographs because our users require
more in depth subject indexing and abstracting. But since we know that the
maintenance issues for changing links in the individual records would be a
nightmare, we are going towards analyzed serial records. That way we will
only be maintaining links for each title as a serial, with a note referring
users from the monograph to the serial if they need electronic copies.
And we devised the same technique as Alice, doing a search for the
conference title that pulls up all years of the title and adding that URL to
the record.
In this case, fortunately, we were delayed because of library mergers within
our company, so we haven't added all the URLs yet and won't have to redo too
many of them after the redesign.

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Subject: RE:      Re: Cataloging IEEE electronic proceedings
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:01:10 -0600
From: "Gormley, Alice" <>

We also cancelled print for IEEE journals and proceedings and have gone
to online.  We add links and holdings records for the online to our
existing print records for the journals (along with other pertinent
information).  For proceedings that are cataloged as serials (by us
and/or oclc) we found that we could do a keyword search in the IEEE
conference proceedings site, pull up all pertinent proceedings and link
the search url to the record in our catalog.  This works very well, took
care of new conference proceedings being added, etc.  What patrons are
taken to is a screen of individual year's links that they can select
from to enter the year they want. I am not sure that this will work in
the new redesign of the IEEE website (happening even as we write).   I
am hoping that it will.  We may have to re-do the search links so the
strategy will work in the new database architecture.  In the long run
definitely worth it.  If it doesn't work we'll try to devise something
that would produce a similar result.


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