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Using 856 in MARC Holdings records Birdie MacLennan 09 Dec 2002 20:34 UTC

Hi All -

We are in the process of re-evaluating our OPAC displays for e-journals
and are wondering how many places out there are putting URLs into MARC
holdings records, as opposed to MARC bibliographic records.  Or are some
places putting the URL in BOTH the bibliographic and holdings records?

If you are adding URLs to holdings records, have you developed an
automated solution for moving URLs from bibliographic to holdings records?
Or are you manually copying and pasting, or otherwise handkeying them into
an 856 in the holdings record?

If you are using the MARC holdings record for input and display of URLs
for electronic journals, we would be interested in hearing from you.  We
are a Voyager site -- currently using a single-record approach for
cataloging e-journals.  Some of our records contain holdings for multiple
print locations (with holdings) ... so if you are using MARC holdings to
display URLs and if you have multiple URLs, are you using more than one
MARC holdings record?

If you want to respond to me directly, I'll summarize for the list ... or
you can respond directly to the list so curious readers can be instantly

Thanks in advance for any help. - Birdie

        Birdie MacLennan
        Library Associate Professor
        Coordinator, Serials & Cataloging
        University of Vermont