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Faxon/Rowecom/divine in financial distress Zeigler, Amanda 17 Dec 2002 16:03 UTC

Hello all,

  I am writing from the Technical Library here at Sandia National Labs, and
have just heard disturbing rumors that Faxon/Rowecom/divine may be filing
for Chapter 11. They have yet to place and pay for over 150 periodical
titles that we have ordered from them, and we paid them in June. Has anyone
on the list heard the same rumors? If you have found yourself in the same
situation, have you had a chance to develop a plan of dealing with this? Any
and all information is welcome at this point. Please feel free to reply to
the list as I'm sure the information will be applicable to anyone in the
same situation.

  My apologies for such an unpleasant first message.

Amanda Zeigler
Technical Library
Sandia National Laboratories