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Re: Links to Alternative Full-Text Articles in Full Text Databases Gerry Mckiernan 20 Dec 2002 19:06 UTC

_Re: Links to Alternative Full-Text Articles in Full Text Databases_

In response to my recent posting regarding Links to Alternative
Full-Text Articles in Full Text Databases


I received the following from EBSCO Publishing's chief technical
officer, Oliver Pesch (, which I am reposting with his
permission (see below)

In addition, in a subsequent response to a related query, Oliver
confirmed that linking to the original full-text was available in the
EBSCOHost full-text database such as its _EBSCHost Academic Premier_ (
as well as from its versions of A&I databases)

Just to clarify that indeed the links to alternate full text will
appear in full text databases as well as A&I databases.  In fact in
cases where full text is embargoed due to publisher restrictions, the
SmartLinks does a nice job of providing direct access to the current
content when an institution has a subscription.

    Thanks, Oliver!


Gerry McKiernan
Embargoed Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011

This posting is for informational and educational purposes and does not
constitute and endorsement

Hello Gerry
I saw your posting the SERIALST about linking to Alternative full text.
 You mentioned EBSCOhost in your list so I thought I would respond (you
can pass this on to the list if you wish).

The answer for EBSCOhost is yes.  We provide two linking technologies
to allow a library to control links to full text (or alternate full
text). SmartLinks allows for validated and rights checked links to
e-journals articles. CustomLinks are 'calculated' links that a customer
can configure to point to a number of targets including full text
(JSTOR), document
delivery, interlibrary loan, OpenURL link resolvers, etc.

Our SmartLinks feature provides validated and rights checked access
full text in E-Journals (as well as to articles in our aggregated
databases -- which is important if you are searching an abstract & index
databases, such as Econlit, and want access to the full text.)
SmartLinks can find articles that are available through CrossRef (6
million or so) and as well we take advantage of our relationship with
EBSCO Subscription Services and are able to provide links to the 3+
million articles that are available through EBSCOElectronic Journals
Service.  If a matching e-journal article is found by SmartLinks, it
will verify that the customer has a subscription to thejournal before
the link is shown.  Subscription verification (rights checking) can be
done automatically for journals subscribed to through EBSCO, or it can
use a library supplied list of holdings.  We recognize that the
publisher's version of the full text may contain different information
than that which we provide; therefore, we always display the SmartLink
even if the record in question has full text as part of the database.

[SmartLinks :]

The second feature we offer is called CustomLinks.  Unlike SmartLinks
(in which a search for a matching full text article is performed go find
the link) CustomLinks works by allowing links to be calculated using a
customer-controlled URL template.  A customer can create URL templates
for a wide variety of targets, including full text targets such as
JSTOR.  The appearance of these links (there can be more than one for a
given record) can be controlled through the use of journal lists,
presence of fields (e.g. only show this link if the record has an ISSN)
or the existence of full text
(e.g. hide an ILL link if the record has full text.)

[CustomLinks: ]

The net result is that a library can create and control alternate links
to full text and other services.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a note.