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NSB's flawed Infrastructure Report Albert Henderson 20 Dec 2002 19:10 UTC

Are science libraries part of science?

The National Science Board Seeks Comment on its report titled

        "Science and Engineering Infrastructure for the 21st
        Century, the Role of the National Science Foundation."

The Board welcomes comments on this report by January 9.

The report asserts:

        "A number of themes emerged from the diverse input
        received. Foremost among them was that, over the past
        decade, the funding for academic research
        infrastructure has not kept pace with rapidly changing
        technology, expanding research opportunities, and
        increasing numbers of users."

Too true! Unfortunately, the report fails to recognize libraries
(other than digital and data libraries) as a part of research

Are science libraries part of science?

The law establishing the National Science Foundation sought" to
foster the interchange of scientific and engineering information
among scientists and engineers in the United States and foreign

In 1975, NSF was subjected to Congressional criticism by a special
subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare.
Nonetheless, for the last 30 years it has not addressed the
effectiveness of academic libraries in support of research
authorship and peer review.

Are science libraries part of science?

Isn't it about time librarians spoke up?

The report can be viewed at the following site:

The closing date for comments is January 9, 2003.
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Albert Henderson