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divine, Inc Linda Lewis 03 Feb 2003 20:30 UTC

In the 2/2/03 issue of the Albuquerque Journal there was an article from
the Chicago Tribune, by Jon Van: "Suits target small firms selling on the
Internet" "Companies who claim they have patents to e-commerce demand money
to settle".  At the very end of the article is a bit about divine of
Chicago. It says Divine Inc "has sent letters to some companies warning
them against using electronic shopping carts on their Web sites..." because
Divine has "66 patents and is seeking to protect its intellectual
property." "Divine's recent lawsuits are a typical result of an ongoing
negotiation with numerous companies, many of which have already licensed
the rights to use our inventions" said a Divine representative.

I assume the article will be in other newspapers as well, since many
Tribune articles are widely distributed.

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