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Sage Journals -- Jane Makoff Stephen Clark 20 Feb 2003 13:39 UTC

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Subject: Sage Journals
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:45:00 -0000
From: jane.makoff@SAGEPUB.CO.UK

Please could you post this message for me.

Following discussions on this list I wanted to clarify the situation
regarding our electronic journals.

Institutional subscribers to our journals continue to have electronic
access via the following intermediaries: ingenta, SwetsWise, OCLC,
Ebsco, Rowecom and Minerva.

What's more during February and March we have opened up access to
everyone, subscribers and non-subscribers, through ingenta. Full details
are on our website:

We have also recently launched the SAGE full-text collections - four
discipline-specific collections of journals. Details of these are also
on our website: Our content is no longer available
in any other aggregated databases.

I hope this clarifies things. Do contact me personally if you have any
specific questions relating to any of the above.

Jane Makoff
Head of Journals Marketing, Sage Publications