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730, 740, or other for ambiguous added serials title entry Birdie MacLennan 01 May 2003 21:26 UTC

Posted to AUTOCAT and SERIALST.  Please excuse the duplication.

Hello -

We are working with a 1902 monograph called _Vermont review_.  The item
has a cover note indicating that it is a "Supplement to the St. Albans
Messenger, St. Albans, VT, Thursday, February 13, 1902".  The St. Albans
messenger is a newspaper with a publishing run of over 150+ years -- BUT
under many different title variations.  Moreover, I couldn't find anything
in OCLC that indicates it was published in 1902 as "The St.  Albans
messenger" (i.e., the title cited on the cover of the monograph).
Instead, I found records for the St. Albans daily messenger (Saint Albans,
Vt. : 1891) and St. Albans weekly messenger (Saint Albans, Vt. : 1881) --
both of which were published in 1902.

So ... we want to catalog our item in hand as a related monograph and make
a title added entry for the St. Albans messenger.  We can't tell from the
piece in hand if it supplements the weekly, the daily, or something else,

Dilemma:  What would be the best way to provide a title access point for
this in the bibliographic record?  Should we use the 730 or the 740 fields
to provide a generic heading (i.e., 730 or 740 for:  St.  Albans
messenger) based on a 500 quoted note from the supplement info. on the
cover (i.e., 500 __ "Supplement to the St. Albans Messenger, St. Albans,
VT, Thursday, Feb. 13, 1902"--Cover.)  I hesitate to use the 730 because
we are not sure about the qualifiers.

What would you do?
Any thoughts or insights would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.   -- Birdie

        Birdie MacLennan
        Coordinator, Serials & Cataloging
        University of Vermont