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Abstracting/Indexing Service Inclusion of Eprints/Preprints Gerry Mckiernan 04 May 2003 16:12 UTC

        _Abstracting/Indexing Service Inclusion of Eprints/Preprints_

   I am greatly interested in learning of commercial abstracting/ indexing
(A&I) services that include Eprints or Preprints as literature types
within the scope of the service.

   I am aware that Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) indexes
Eprints/Preprints [ ]

[BTW: I find that CAS indexes select Eprints, but in a
preliminary search did not find Eprints from the Elsevier Chemical
Preprint Service (CPS)  [ ] [Are
CPS Eprints included in _Chemical Abstracts_?].

  Eprints/Preprints of Any and All disciplines (not just Sci-Tech) are of
interest (e.g., [ ] ).

   As Always, Any and All contributions, suggestions, recommendations,
comments, queries, criticisms, critiques, Virtues, or Cosmic Insights, are
Most Welcome.


Gerry McKiernan
Virtuous Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011