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Attack of the Giant Mold Spore & Beating the Critter Jitter Nancy Hasenwinkel 07 May 2003 19:25 UTC

Julie Reese of  the Association for Library Collections & Technical
Services has asked me to submit the following information on the
forthcoming ALCTS Preservation Workshops:

In Collaboration with SOLINET, the Association for Library Collections
& Technical Services (ALCTS), a division of the American Library
Association, announces two preservation workshops, Integrated Pest
Management: Beating the Critter Jitter & Attack of the Giant Mold

May 16-17, 2003 at the Hilton Kansas City Airport Hotel in Kansas City,

June 13-14, 2003 at the Hilton Garden Inn Boise Spectrum Hotel in
Boise, ID.

Both workshops are presented by Dr. Michael Trinkley, Executive
Director, Chicora Foundation, Columbia, SC., and run from 9:00 a.m. -
4:00 p.m.

Integrated Pest Management: Beating the Critter Jitters

They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They're 4-legged, 6-legged,
8-legged and more. They lurk in corners, hover in stacks, and nibble at
collections. Some institutions are plagued by pests throughout their
buildings, while others notice them in isolated collections. Some
institutions respond to pest invasions with chemical spraying, freezing
or fumigation; others simply despair of controlling the problem. This
introductory level workshop will explain and assess the available
strategies for preventing and combating pest problems. It will: provide
extensive discussion and examples for each attendee to identify common
pests; explain damage various pest cause to library & archival
materials; outline a strategy for implementing an Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) program of monitoring and control; recommend ways to
communicate with those responsible for institutional pest control
programs. The workshop will focus on the IPM approach, which emphasizes
non-chemical methods of pest control.

The session will be especially helpful for library and archival
managers responsible for building services; for archivist and those who
receive gift collections; and for those (often in physical plant
departments) directly responsible for the institution's pest control

Attack of the Giant Mold Spore

This full day workshop provides a general introduction to mold and its
impact on library, museum, and archival collections. It focuses on what
mold is, appropriate mitigation and eradication treatments, and how to
avoid an outbreak. Through lecture and discussion, this workshop also
examines current standards for mold remediation, as well as recent
insurance claim problems.

A major focus of the session includes insuring that you, your staff,
and your patrons are protected. Several approaches to cleaning mold will
be covered: Simple, safe techniques for mold removal, including the use
of HEPA vacuums; Avoiding the use of most chemicals; Organizing your
cleaning efforts; Working with commercial firms - developing contracts
and specifications.

Handouts on molds and treatment approaches, a reading list, and a
sampling dish will be provided.

Register by May 6 (Kansas City) and June 2 (Boise) to receive your
special early-bird rates.  Full-Time Students and those registering for
both workshops also qualify for additional discounts.

To register for the ALCTS Preservation Workshops and to learn about
other education events see the ALCTS Web site at or contact Julie Reese, ALCTS, American
Library Association, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611, Tel:
1-800-545-2433 ext. 5034, Fax: 312-280-5033, Email:

If you have suggestions for future ALCTS programming please contact
Julie Reese.  Current offerings are available on the ALCTS Web site.