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Re: Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv = Review of World Economics Donald Pisani 09 May 2003 06:53 UTC

Dear Mr. Blackman,

The ISSN for Review of World Economics was changed because of the the title
change.  I suspect that the title was changed because a majority, if not all,
of the articles are now in English.

More confusing than that change, is the ISSN of the German print edition.
The actual print edition ended with the above mentioned title change; but
the ISSN of the German print edition is also the ISSN of the retrodigitalized
version of the German print edition, which is online

Since the retrodigitalization of the print edition isn't finished it looks
like a parallel, running edition to the Review of World Economics.

Shouldn't retrodigitalized, electronic journals have their own ISSN?

Don Pisani

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Greetings from the library of the institute that

Chris Blackman schrieb:

> Should have mentioned that the German title still appears on the piece
> with the new ISSN; it is now the parallel title.
> Chris
> Chris Blackman wrote:
> >A bit of a confusing situation regarding this title (OCLC #1640929, LCCN
> >14-4666):
> >
> >Armed with new CCM, AACR2 2002, and my upgraded understanding of
> >major/minor changes in title, I happily started to update my old record
> >for "Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv" rather than create a new record for
> >"Review of world economics = Weltwirtshaftliches Archiv".  I added a 500
> >note for this minor change to show that the former English parallel
> >title is now considered to be the main title (according to CCM 16.2.4.
> >Minor changes in title proper, Category e. The order of titles changes
> >when the title is given in more than one language).
> >
> >I was happy with this until I noticed that the ISSN had changed as well!
> >Hmmm. This is a first for me at least: where ISSN rules recognized a
> >change in title that AACR2 did not. I'm wondering now if a new record
> >really is required in this case or if just editing the 022 on the old
> >record is required (e.g. 1610-2878 $y 0043-2636). Did the ISSN center
> >assign a new number because the parallel English title only appeared
> >later in the publication history (e.g. 245 reads "Weltwirtschaftliches
> >Archiv" and 246 reads "Vols. for 1972-<1999> have title also in English:
> >Review of world economics")?
> >
> >Any insights?
> >
> >Chris
> >
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