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curiousity about service charges Shroyer, Andrew 08 May 2003 22:27 UTC

Dear Serialsts,

My library recently eliminated a fair number of pricey journal titles in
favor of electronic access to those same titles, and we have seen our
service charge with our main subscription agent go up a bit as a result.
This, of course, is arguably legitimate given our new "mix of titles".
I'm just curious what other individual libraries are paying now in service
charges.  I'd especially like to compare notes with libraries of roughly
the same size (we subscribe to 2,300 current titles, and pay roughly
$550,000 per year for our journals).  My intention is not to do any
"study"--as doing so would require careful analysis of the "mix of titles"
peculiar to all of the insitutions compared.  For the latter reason, I am
not in favor of posting specific service charge rates to the listserv.  I
just hope to correspond with a few other curious librarians on the topic.

If you are among "the curious", please write directly to me at:   Thank you.

--Andrew Shroyer