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Proceedings - Southern Assn. of Colleges and Schools Lynne Stevens 09 May 2003 16:38 UTC

This title, as we have known it (i.e., with its college focus and
related newsletters), has changed.  SACS has split its "schools" and
"colleges" information.  "Proceedings" will be school-focused.  The
annual meeting book, usually no.2, is now no.1 of the volume and has
mostly grade-school-focused information.  College-related information
will be put out in a "communique" beginning sometime this summer, title
and publication schedule to be determined.

Pat Daley of SACS was helpful in explaining this to me.  I'll let you
folks know more when we receive the new incarnation of this title this
summer, and I'll try to remember to follow up with Pat if we haven't
received anything by mid-August.

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