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Re: curiousity about service charges Susan E. Sturgeon (09 May 2003 19:46 UTC)

Re: curiousity about service charges Susan E. Sturgeon 09 May 2003 19:46 UTC

And I can't think of a better reason to do so.  As Librarians we try
to enlighten, not keep things in the dark and out of the realm of
comparison.  Susan Sturgeon

On Fri, 9 May 2003 10:44:34 -0700 Carol
Morse <MorsCa@WWC.EDU> wrote:

> We were told that our service charge is confidential. I doubt if the
> vendors would like you to share it.
> Carol Morse
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> >>> ashroye@EXCHANGE.CALSTATELA.EDU 05/08/03 03:27PM >>>
> Dear Serialsts,
> My library recently eliminated a fair number of pricey journal titles in
> favor of electronic access to those same titles, and we have seen our
> service charge with our main subscription agent go up a bit as a result.
> This, of course, is arguably legitimate given our new "mix of titles".
> I'm just curious what other individual libraries are paying now in service
> charges.  I'd especially like to compare notes with libraries of
> roughly the same size (we subscribe to 2,300 current titles, and pay roughly
> $550,000 per year for our journals).  My intention is not to do any "study"--as
> doing so would require careful analysis of the "mix of titles" peculiar to
> all of the insitutions compared.  For the latter reason,  I am not in favor
> of posting specific service charge rates to the listserv.  I just hope to
> correspond with a few other curious librarians on the topic.
> If you are among "the curious", please write directly to me at:
>   Thank you.
> --Andrew Shroyer

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