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Re: Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv Chris Blackman 19 May 2003 18:58 UTC

I think that CCM 16.2.4. (Minor changes in title proper, Category e. The
order of titles changes when the title is given in more than one
language) is pretty clear that this type of change does not require a
new record. The only sticking point that I could possibly see is that
the parallel title was added later and only appears in a 246. Therefore,
I'm really not sure if the rule applies here. The new record in OCLC is
CONSER authenticated; perhaps someone at the cataloging agency could
explain the situation.

Regarding my original question about this title and the change of ISSN:
while consulting with someone off list, we concluded that the ISSN
center had probably received the request for the new ISSN before the new
rules took effect. I was however left wondering if this was a rule
change for both ISSN and AACR2 2002, rather than just a change for AACR2
to bring it into line with ISSN practice.

Also as for Mr. Pisani's question regarding the "retrodigitalized"
version of the print available at,
I would think that the print ISSN is correct for the electronic version
as it consists of images of the print pages (the same as JSTOR titles).


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Elizabeth Fenwick wrote:

>Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv  (1917-) (OCLC #1640929) included a parallel
>title:  Review of world economics beginning 1972.  The titles were
>reversed in 2003  and Review of world economics is now the first title.
>There is a new record for the Review of world economics =
>Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv  (OCLC #52239847).  Is this a legit title
>change under new rules?  Thanks.

>Elizabeth Fenwick
>Northern Illinois University Libraries