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Re: Publishers refusing to deal with a jobber (Dustin Larmore) Blackwell, Lisa 22 May 2003 12:11 UTC

I have had a similar experience with Haworth press. Specifically, not a case
of refusing to deal with the jobber, but rather, a case of paying 2 (or
more) times as much if I choose to order that way rather than with the
publisher directly.
Given the reality of the workflow in most institutions, most publishers seem
to realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot if they won't allow
clients to utilize jobbers. Even so, some of them have deduced that we have
no choice but to pay the higher subscription price for that "luxury."

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We recently received notice that a publisher for one of our journals
(Gifted Child Quarterly) will no longer accept orders through a vendor
(e.g., EBSCO). We will have to order directly from the publisher. I assume
that this change results from the divine/RoweCom mess.  Has anyone else
experienced this situation with other publishers?  Is this change of
policy a developing trend?  I certainly hope not.  We are already swamped
with work as it is without having to order all serial titles individually.

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