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Re: Worst Serial Title Change of the Year -- correction John Radencich 23 May 2003 11:22 UTC

Then does that mean "The Worst Serial Title Change of the Year" gets to
qualify for the "The Worst Title Change of the Year. Snake in the Grass
Award" when it becomes "The Worst Serial or Web Page Title Change of the

John Radencich
Library-Cataloging Dept.
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199

David Goodman wrote:

>I agree with your apparent suggestion that this award should be changed
>to "Worst Serial or web page change of the year," and given to the ALA.
>"Horn, Marguerite" wrote:
>>Silly me -- I figured that ALA wouldn't change their Web site addresses when
>>they redesigned!!!!  Maybe there's an award here.
>>Here's the correct URL for the WSTC page:
>>Maggie Horn
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>Dr. David Goodman
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