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Re: Publishers refusing to deal with a jobber (Dustin Larmore) Trisha L. Davis (23 May 2003 16:28 UTC)

Re: Publishers refusing to deal with a jobber (Dustin Larmore) Trisha L. Davis 23 May 2003 16:28 UTC

Hi Lisa -

Privately, we have found that EBSCO sends us information that a title must
be ordered "direct" ... then we place it with Swets and it goes through
just fine.     Sometimes I believe EBSCO just doesn't choose to deal with
difficult publishers, and they have admitted as much when we called them on

-- Trisha
At 08:11 AM 5/22/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I have had a similar experience with Haworth press. Specifically, not a case
>of refusing to deal with the jobber, but rather, a case of paying 2 (or
>more) times as much if I choose to order that way rather than with the
>publisher directly.
>Given the reality of the workflow in most institutions, most publishers seem
>to realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot if they won't allow
>clients to utilize jobbers. Even so, some of them have deduced that we have
>no choice but to pay the higher subscription price for that "luxury."
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>Subject: Publishers refusing to deal with a jobber (Dustin Larmore)
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>Subject: Publishers refusing to deal with a jobber
>We recently received notice that a publisher for one of our journals
>(Gifted Child Quarterly) will no longer accept orders through a vendor
>(e.g., EBSCO). We will have to order directly from the publisher. I assume
>that this change results from the divine/RoweCom mess.  Has anyone else
>experienced this situation with other publishers?  Is this change of
>policy a developing trend?  I certainly hope not.  We are already swamped
>with work as it is without having to order all serial titles individually.
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