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OpenURL/Web-related program at ALA Toronto Reeta Sinha 27 May 2003 21:31 UTC

Please excuse any cross-posting.

Managed Discussion:  OpenURL and related products

With the near-completion of the OpenURL standard, a more "intelligent"
and context-specific way of linking to resources, a whole slew of
new resource-discovery tools are springing up that purport to offer
students "one-stop shopping" for electronic information.  The
Human-Machine Interface Interest group is sponsoring a managed
discussion on this new standard and the products built around it.
We will discuss what the standard is, what it does, and why the
library community should (or shouldn't) be interested and then talk
about "link resolver" products such as Gold Rush that are built on
this technology.  If your library is looking at purchasing one of
these products, we encourage you to attend.

The Interest group will spend the first fifteen minutes discussing the
business of the group-if you are at all interested in HMIIG, please

Time: Saturday, June 21st from 9:30AM to 11:00AM

Where: COURT-Alexander

Who: for more information,
contact Kyle Felker ( or Nicole