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ALCTS Meeting announcement ALA (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 28 May 2003 18:27 UTC

Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 12:16:42 -0400
From: JoAnne Deeken <deeken@AZTEC.LIB.UTK.EDU>
Subject: Meeting announcement ALA

The ALA/ALCTS/Automated Acquisitions/In Process Discussion Group will meet
on Sunday June 22 from 9:30-11 in the Crown Plaza Toronto Center, Humber Room.

I am the incoming chair but will be unable to attend the meeting due to a
conflict with a family wedding.  (I did ask them to change the date  for
me, but they declined.  Some people's priorities. :-) )  Michael Kaplan as
out going chair will lead the meeting.

We'll hold elections for the new chair elect.  As is usual for this group,
the incoming chair nominee(s) will be from the non-library based
members.  Nominations from the floor will be welcome.

We will continue the discussion regarding standards that was really
discussed at our last two meetings.  We will have a summary of the activity
on the AutoAcq list serv that was established after MidWinter to keep the
discussion going.  Although Eric Throndson can not attend, he did make a
report after his Febraray meeting on XML for acquisitions.  That report is
in the AutoAcq archives.

At that point, it's up to the attendees.  If you all wish to continue
pushing for standards, we'll break into small groups each dealing with a
specific type of record (vendor information, payment information, order
information) and actually propose some guidelines that could lead to
standards.  Results will be posted on the AutoAcq list.

If you all are tired of discussing standards or there is some other burning
issue, the group will discuss that, but we'd appreciate it if you'd send
the issue to Michael Kaplan ( or myself
( before hand so we can be somewhat prepared.

I hope you all can attend.

JoAnne Deeken
Head, Technical Services and Digital Access
University of Tennessee
Hodges Library
1015 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37921
865.974.0551 (fax)