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Re: Peterson's Title Change? Chris Blackman 05 Sep 2003 20:42 UTC

I answered my own question -- the records were entered in July and Sept.
of 2001 before the new rules for major and minor changes took effect.
Sorry, for the zipping off email too quickly.


Chris Blackman wrote:

>I've just received the 2004 eds of  "Four-year colleges" (formerly
>"Peterson's 4 year colleges") and "Two-year colleges" (formerly
>"Peterson's 2 year colleges") and I cannot really understand why there
>are new lc / nsdp records for these titles. Is there some reason why the
>drop in corporate name here did not qualify as a minor change?
>OCLC records are:
>    OLD RECORD "Peterson's ... 4 year colleges" (OCLC #39401312)
>    NEW RECORD "4-year colleges" (OCLC #47250455)
>    OLD RECORD "Peterson's 2 year colleges" (OCLC #39738124)
>    NEW RECORD "2 year colleges" (OCLC #47942507)
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