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EBSCOnet Jean Shankle 25 Nov 2003 14:42 UTC

I use EBSCOnet for renewals.  I love it.  EBSCO still sends a paper copy.
You receive it online 2-3 weeks before the paper copy.  It gives me a chance
to work on it in advance of the mailman.  I can proof it for errors and go
ahead and mark changes for what I already know needs to be done.  We work up
another report for the deans.  I have printed it from EBSCOnet, but find I
can manage without for a few weeks since a paper copy comes.  Once every
things is ready, it is just a matter of a click and it is back at EBSCO.  No
concern about it getting lost in the mail.  I keep it on EBSCOnet for about
6 weeks before finalizing.

Miss Jean Shankle