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binding journals with fold-out charts Bolton, Karen 06 Nov 2003 14:29 UTC

We subscribe to the print version of Nature.  Every so often, Nature
publishes a fold-out chart, sometimes two or three pages, as an illustration
to an article.
(An example is a sequence-based map of the male-specific part of the Y
chromosome from June 19, 2003, between pages 828 and 829.) The figures are
often an important part of the article.

Anyway, it is time to bind this volume.  My binder tells me it would be best
from a quality-control standpoint for me to remove this chart before I send
it to them, then tip it back in when I get it back. It seems likely that the
chart could be chopped to pieces otherwise.

I wonder what you all do in a case like this. Have you had any success with
the operation the binder suggests? What alternatives are there?

Any advice is appreciated.

Karen Bolton
Serials Librarian

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Walter Schroeder Library
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI