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Re: Letters of Reference Garry Church 26 Feb 2004 20:25 UTC

What about a library director who on interviewing a prospective librarian asked about a previous position? The candidate explained that it was an awkward situation that she was glad to be away from, and let it go at that. She did not list that place as a reference or give any contact numbers for that place.

The library director, after the candidate left, without telling the candidate, went on the web, sought out contact numbers for staff at that library, and asked about the candidate. Of course he was not given positive information by that library, and the candidate had no opportunity to respond, and the job offer was rescinded.

The point is, is this unethical, and is contacting  a prior employer against the interviewee's wishes legal?

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Under a repressive regime in a library which shall remain nameless, many of
my colleagues who moved on had to rely on peers left behind for references.
In several instances, this strategy worked and our friends found new

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