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serials cataloging Matt Person 05 Feb 2004 15:39 UTC

Thanks in advance for your time in answering this:

Am I correct in considering the following title change as a minor title
change ?:
(from CONSER Adv Ser Cataloging Workshop - Minor Changes "a difference
involving the name of the same corporate body and  elements of its
heirerarchy in their grammatical connection anywhere in the title (eg.,
the addition, deletion or rearrangement of the name of the same
corporate body or the substitution of a variant form)

Bulletin of the College of Science University of the Ryukus
Bulletin of the Faculty of Science University of the Ryukus

If this is a minor title change is it correct for me to reflect this in
a 580 note?   Any additional  fields I should be concerned with?

OR  is this a major title change? (because the change occurs in the
first five words of the title)

Thanks for your time.
Matt Person


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