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Successive entry/latest entry questions. Carmel Yurochko 05 Feb 2004 17:29 UTC

Thank you in advance to any one who responds to the questions below.

Here at Duquesne University, we are experiencing some problems with
users and some staff saying that our serials titles/holdings in our
online catalog are difficult to read and understand.  They are therefore
having difficulty locating desired serials.  To this end, we are
attempting to find ways to make our serials more "readable".  I would
appreciate some feedback on the following questions.

*       Which standard (successive/latest entry) you are using and why?

*       How is your institution handling a title like Atlantic Monthly
with all of its various title changes?

*       Do your users find your online catalog easy to read?  How have
you accomplished this feat?

I certainly would appreciate getting some input on this situation from
other institutions.
Carmel Yurochko

Carmel Yurochko
Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian
Psychology Dept. Liaison
Duquesne University
The Gumberg Library
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
fax 412.396-5639