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Re: serials cataloging Mary Grenci (05 Feb 2004 18:54 UTC)

Re: serials cataloging Mary Grenci 05 Feb 2004 18:54 UTC

It depends on whether the change is an actual change of the body name.
That is, does it require (or already have) a new name authority record.
Even if you're not setting up the authority record in a national database,
you still need to go through the process of deciding of the body actually
changed it's name.

So, if it's simply a variant name (i.e. it would be a 410 on an NAR), it's
a minor change. If it's an actual body name change (i.e. it would require
two NARs, one for each name), it's a major change.



Mary Grenci
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On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Matt Person wrote:

> Thanks in advance for your time in answering this:
> Am I correct in considering the following title change as a minor title
> change ?:
> (from CONSER Adv Ser Cataloging Workshop - Minor Changes "a difference
> involving the name of the same corporate body and  elements of its
> heirerarchy in their grammatical connection anywhere in the title (eg.,
> the addition, deletion or rearrangement of the name of the same
> corporate body or the substitution of a variant form)
> Bulletin of the College of Science University of the Ryukus
> to
> Bulletin of the Faculty of Science University of the Ryukus
> If this is a minor title change is it correct for me to reflect this in
> a 580 note?   Any additional  fields I should be concerned with?
> OR  is this a major title change? (because the change occurs in the
> first five words of the title)
> Thanks for your time.
> Matt Person
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