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Anyone know of magazines for police dog trainers? Grace-Ellen McCrann (13 Feb 2004 00:00 UTC)

Anyone know of magazines for police dog trainers? Grace-Ellen McCrann 13 Feb 2004 00:00 UTC

12 February 2004

Some Police Dog/Rescue Dog Resources ---

Many of the professional Police K9 associations
produce some sort of publication/newsletter for
their members and most of these groups also
restrict their membership to current/former
professional law enforcement personnel. But some
also include publicly accessible articles re
various aspects of using/training/caring for
K9 dogs on their websites.

1) Membership in the North American Police Work
Dog Association includes a quarterly newsletter.

2) National Narcotic Dog Association

This website also includes a page of articles:

3) The United States Police Canine Association has
a page of Canine Training Articles at:

as well as a page of Canine Medical Articles at:

The Association's main webpage is at:

There are also several links on the page re legal
opinions/information about the use of dogs in
police work.

4) The Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association
website at:
includes a link re the book, _Common Scents ---
The Bloodhound in Law Enforcement_

Other related resouces include:

5) The Working Dog Foundation is an organization
founded to support Police K9 activities in New
Hampshire. Membership includes a quarterly

6) The National Search and Rescue Committee (NASAR)
offers a free email newsletter which includes some
stories/information re search and rescue dogs.
You/your patron can sign up for the newsletter and
read the archives at:

>From 1993-2003 NASAR also published the quarterly,
_SAR Dog Alert_.  All those issues are available
online for free at:

There is an archive of articles written in the mid
1990s for a NASAR publication called _Response_.
Several of the articles are about SAR dogs.

The URL for the NASAR SAR Dog Update page (includes
links to an archive of articles) is:

A fact sheet about SAR dogs can be found at:

The URL for the NASAR homepage is:

7) The American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA) also
offers a free online newsletter. This newsletter
seems to be mostly news stories about rescue dogs
and their handlers, but your patron may find it

ARDA has published a book re training K9 dogs ---
_Search and Rescue Dogs : Training the K9 Hero_

An ARDA Research Paper "Utilizing Air-Scenting
Search Dogs to Locate Drowning Victims" is
available at:

The main ARDA website is:

8) The York County (Maine) Emergency Response
Rescue Team  has posted "Using Dogs to Locate
Drowning Victims" at:

9) Ohio Valley (Indiana) Search and Rescue has
an interesting page "Search Dog Training" (including
an overview of the steps involved in their dog
training program) at:

10) the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association
has a page of K9 training/information articles at:

11) Connecticut Cainine Search and Rescue includes
a list of recommended books on its website at:

12) The legal side of using dogs in law enforcement
is addressed on the "Canine Legal Update and
Activity" website at:

13) Information about "Scent Evidence" can be
found at:

These articles are from a website maintained by
Ted Hamm, a paid civilian contractor with the
Los Angeles County (California) Sheriff's
Department. He and his dogs  have been involved
in over 700 criminal investigations.

The URL for the website's homepage is:

14) There are a large number of articles about
law enforcement K9s (arranged by topic) on the
Police Dog Home Page at:

15) The Nordic Police Dog Union
(Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Norway/Sweden) publishes
_Nordic Police Dog Magazine_ and a newsletter.

16) The Canadian Police Canine Association publishes
the _Longline_ magazine four times a year.

17) Western States Police Canine Association
(California) publishes a newsletter.

18) The Newsletter of the Oregon Police Canine
Association is online at:

Kind regards,

Grace-Ellen McCrann
Chief, Reference & Government Document Divisions
The City College of New York
Cohen Library,  2nd Floor
138th Street & Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
(212) 650 5073


--- Sharon Diehm <Diehm.SharonL@POLICE.QLD.GOV.AU>

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for magazines titles that may be
suitable for police dog trainers.  Specifically
ones that are written by police dog training
societies/associations.  Can anyone help?

This is an enquiry only and doesn't constitute
and order.

Sharon Diehm

Sharon Diehm
Library Technician
Serials Section
Oxley Academy Library
Information Resource Centre
Queensland Police Service
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1110 / Archerfield Qld 4108/
Street Address Provided on Request.
PH: +61 7 3246 8218
FX: +61 7 3246 8251

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