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Scam warning (FW: [geonet] Bad Business) Rick Anderson 13 Feb 2004 21:17 UTC

For those who weren't already aware of this particular scam, here's a
heads-up that was recently posted to the GEONET list...

Rick Anderson
Director of Resource Acquisition
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
(775) 784-6500 x273

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 15:37:59 -0500
From: "Gooden, Angela (goodenam)" <GOODENAM@UCMAIL.UC.EDU>
To: "Geonet@Purdue.Edu (E-mail)" <>
Subject: [geonet] Bad Business

Happy Friday!
Have you received a call from a company called Infomatika? They call
informing you that they have a free directory to give out. Don't fall for
it! When it arrives they try to charge you $300+ for having your library
listed. The trick is that they ask for your mailing address (so that they
know where to send the FREE directory) and then you get this bill for being
included. Bad business indeed!


Angela M. Gooden
Head, Geology/Physics Library
240 Braunstein Hall
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0153
Fax 513-556-1930