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New York Official Reports Colleen Smith 19 Feb 2004 15:01 UTC

This is a question for the serials law librarians out there.  We catalog
separately the advance sheets for the reports of the Court of Appeals,
the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court and the
miscellaneous courts.  The advance sheets title has been:  Official
edition New York law reports : advance sheets of the official...

In January 2004, the advance sheets title became New York Official
Reports : combined advance sheets of ...  It also started the 3d series.
 I know that a new series doesn't warrant a new record.  However, I
think this is a major title change which would require a new record.  Am
I wrong about this?  I don't think this fits into the any of AACR2's
minor title changes categories.  However, several law library catalogs
show that some libraries are still checking in the new title in on the
record for the old title.  There is a new record in OCLC (#54352207) for
the new advance sheets title, but not many people are attached to
it--which makes me doubt my thinking.

For those who catalog the advance sheets separately, how are you
handling this?  Is this a title change?

Thank you,

Colleen E. Smith
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