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Re: delays in publication Koveleskie, Judith 19 Feb 2004 20:18 UTC

I agree.  Fortunately, EBSCO will delay reordering until these publishers catch up, but I think some of them never will.  I like the idea, that some have expressed, of not renewing based on the title being "nonproductive".  I think we will take a look at this too.

Judith A. Koveleskie
Periodicals Librarian
Seton Hill University
Reeves Memorial Library
Greensburg, PA 15601

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Our last "Bulletin of Serials Changes" from our vendor EBSCO showed that
almost 10% of our subscribed titles are delayed in publication.  This seems
to be a higher percentage than I've seen before.  Do others share the
impression that more titles are delayed now than in past years?

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