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Re: delays in publication Feustel, Carol (feustecs) 19 Feb 2004 21:30 UTC

I also encourage the cancellation of extremely delayed journals.  I have a
few that were cancelled 2 years ago that I *still* haven't received all the
issues!  When a journal is requested, I look at the publication pattern for
both it and the publisher.  If the publisher is consistently delayed
publishing its journals I will point that out to the requestor and suggest
they locate a substitute.

Carol Feustel

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From: Daniel Jones [mailto:djones@SFBR.ORG]
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Subject: Re: [SERIALST] delays in publication

I routinely use 'consistently running late' as a criterion for canceling
journals during annual subscription review.  This is how I was able to
eliminate most of our Gordon & Breach titles in the 1980's and 1990's in
another position I held at the time.  Titles that are seriously running
behind in their publication schedule go on my "troubled titles" list, and
faculty generally are supportive in canceling them.  Price is less an issue
than the fact that the titles are not producing, and I faculty see this as a
sign that such journals probably don't have a future anyway.


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Subject: Re: [SERIALST] delays in publication

Definitely.  They are usually expensive title too.  Most of them will be
behind all year and they get an issue for the year out in December.  They
are getting our money but we aren't getting much for it. The publishers are
still sending the renewal notices out even when they are behind.
Anne C. Bunting
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Library
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From: "Steve Black" <blacks@MAIL.STROSE.EDU>
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 9:31 AM
Subject: [SERIALST] delays in publication

> Our last "Bulletin of Serials Changes" from our vendor EBSCO showed that
> almost 10% of our subscribed titles are delayed in publication.  This
> to be a higher percentage than I've seen before.  Do others share the
> impression that more titles are delayed now than in past years?
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