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Letters of Reference Derek Wilmott 24 Feb 2004 11:09 UTC

Let me see if I understand this situation.  We have employers asking for
references and then some of these same employers will not provide
references.  Does anyone else see a discrepancy here?  The fear of lawsuits
has created this wonderful "Catch-22" situation.

Here is another question, that may help the situation.  Does this "no
reference" policy include fellow employees?  If it does not, then you could
ask your fellow employee(s) to write a letter of reference for you.  I
understand that this does not carry the same weight, but it can be used in
combination with your past/present employer saying, "Yes, she worked here."
In other words it is better then nothing.

Thanks for, briefly, lending me your optical nerves in this matter.

Derek Wilmott,
Serials Cataloger
West Columbia, SC

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 I haven't had much luck searching the archives of AUTOCAT or SERIALST on
 this topic, so I thought I'd post to the lists.

 Recently one of my references informed me that the new Human Resources
 policy at his institution restricts him to simply verifying my dates in
 employment when contacted by potential employers.  He suggested that
 because of this I should find an alternative reference in the future.

 I know this restriction is not new to the workplace, but it is the
 first time it has affected me personally and I would like to know how
 other people are handling or would handle this situation -- whether you
 are seeking employment, on a search committee to fill an open position,
 or someone who writes or has written letters of reference (with or
 without this institutional restriction).

 I am also feeling at a loss because this particular reference is the
 only person who can comment upon certain skills that I acquired while
 working at his library (i.e., in my work experience, they were unique to
 that position).

 Thanks in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, etc.
 you can give me!

 Karen Nadeski

 Project Cataloger, Connecticut History Online
 Connecticut State Library
 231 Capitol Ave.
 Hartford, CT 06106