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Course Announcement: Digital Licensing Online Kim Nayyer 27 Feb 2004 20:36 UTC

(Cross-posted; please excuse duplications)

Need to learn more about licensing digital content
like periodicals, databases and images, but never seem
to have the time to attend a course or read an entire
book on the topic? is pleased to
announce the offering of an online course on Digital

How does it work? Sign up at The fee is $99
U.S. Then sit back and relax...Three times a week,
beginning April 12, 2004, you will receive e-lessons
for a total of 9 weeks. Just to make sure you pay
attention to these e-lessons; each e-lesson will
include a self-marking Quiz. You will receive a
Certificate of Achievement at the end of the course.

In addition, during the duration of the online course,
participants will be part of an exclusive discussion
list where you may discuss the course contents with
the instructor and other course participants.

This online course has been developed by Lesley Ellen
Harris, author of several books on copyright including
Digital Licensing: A Practical Guide for Librarians.
For further information on Lesley and her work, see: and In 2002, she developed
the highly successful e-mail tutorials on digital
licensing (for the American Library Association), and
on Canadian Copyright Law.

The following topics will be addressed in the course:

* The concept of digital licensing * Developing a
digital licensing strategy * Global aspects of
licensing * Key concepts in licensing arrangements *
Key digital licensing clauses (covers 9 e-lessons) *
Boiler plate clauses * Tips in negotiating licenses *
Managing your licenses

Who should participate in this course:

* Librarians * Information Professionals * Lawyers *
Publishers * Content owners * Anyone involved with
licensing digital content

For further information, email:
Or register at:

Kim Nayyer

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