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Stupid cataloging question Urbanik, Elizabeth 31 Mar 2004 14:53 UTC

Hello all,
Admittedly, this is probably a stupid question with an obvious answer but I'm asking it anyway:
I have several years' worth of reports from the Adjutant-General of the MS National Guard. They started out as biennial reports with the title "Biennial report of the..." Several decades later, though, the "biennial" was dropped from the title so that it was just "Report of the..." The frequency didn't change -- it's still a biennial report -- they just dropped the word. My question is, does this warrant a title change? I know the major/minor title change rules say that, yes, it should, but, does it really? The dropping of "biennial" lasted from the 1935/37 through 1943/45 reports (as far as I know; I'm missing the 1931/33 report); the word was put back into the title with the 1945/47 report. Is this one of those cases where I can just add a 246 to take into account a temporary change?


Elizabeth Urbanik, Assistant Professor
Serials Cataloger
Mississippi State University

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