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Serials review for research libraries Amy Carlson 31 Mar 2004 19:02 UTC

Aloha from the University of Hawaii--

I have a few questions regarding recent cancellation projects at various
University or research institutions around the U.S.

At the University of Hawaii, we're beginning a serials review process
necessitated by budget constraints that may require up to 12% in cuts to
our current serial expenditures.

1.If you had a 5-15% cut at your institution recently, did your
institution utilize core lists from accreditation bodies.  If so, how did
you obtain the lists?

2. What criteria did you use to determine your cuts (examples: cost per
use or per use, demographics of programs or importance of programs at your

3. If you wrote about your process already or have presented your
institutions plight at a conference, could you send me the citation? (We
have some already, but I would hate to make you restate your experiences,
if they're already summed up).

Thank you for your help!

Amy Carlson
Serials Department
Hamilton Library
University of Hawai'i at Manoa