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Re: Fwd: Newsweek en Espanol Bennett, Karla 05 Mar 2004 02:14 UTC

This is exactly the same thing that happened to Prevention en Espanol

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Linda has given permission to forward this info to the list, for those
who want to continue with this publication.
Carol Morse


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>>> Linda Jackson <> 3/4/2004 3:36:55 PM >>>
My co-worker Marsha Shea passed your inquiry from the SERIALST.  I've
working on getting information
about Newsweek en Espanol for over a week.  This is what I have found

New publisher.  No longer IDEAS Publishing Group.  New publisher is
Nast International.  Phoned 800 number
for Conde Nast and was informed that we can no longer subscribe to this

magazine....that it will only be available
from news stands!!!!!  I asked her why we were still receiving issues,
she said they were honoring the subscriptions
until they expired.  Ours expires this month. Our subscription agency
informed us  a couple of months ago that
could no longer order this magazine for us.

I was able to phone a number in New York that was listed in the
magazine.  I left a message, and a woman phoned
the next day and gave me a contact e-mail address.  Newsweek en Espanol

will be published in MEXICO.

I actually received an e-mail message today from a Delphine Rabet in
stating that her company
News for America LLC has the license this year for Newsweek en Espanol
they are trying to
re-organize the magazines distribution. Her e-mail address is :

I sure hope this helps you.  No the magazine has not ceased
publication.....just as a lot of problems!

Linda Jackson
San Diego State University
Library - Serials Dept.