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Link resolution Dan Lester 05 Mar 2004 17:33 UTC

I'm also tasked with looking at the various Link Resolvers, in order
to compare them with the TOUR from TDNet that we're now using on some
of our resources.  What I'd like to arrange with several of you is
temporary access to your databases and link resolution software so I
can see "how it works in real life in an academic library with real
databases".  If anyone could contact me with information on temporary
access to your resources, I'd appreciate it.  I understand the login
would be temporary and would only be used internally with key staff
members to show how your service works, or doesn't work.

In return, I'll gladly provide temporary access for similar purposes
to TOUR, the TDNet Open URL Resolver that we're using at present.

Please contact me directly by email, or at 208-426-1235, or my cell
number in the sig block if you prefer.

dan at Boise State University

Dan Lester, Data Wrangler 208-283-7711
3577 East Pecan, Boise, Idaho  83716-7115  USA   Have you forgotten 9/11?