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Pay Per View licensing agreement Elizabeth Lorbeer 05 Mar 2004 21:45 UTC

March 5, 2004

Dear List:

I am inquiring if any academic institution has negotiated an agreement with
a publisher which allows for access to non-subscribed titles through
seamless pay-per-view.  I am seeking, in particular, instances where the
agreement includes a mix of annually subscribed titles besides
accessibility to the rest of the content through pay-per-view.   I am not
interested in a  "bundle" deal, nor to purchase all available content at a
reduced price.

If you have such as agreement, how do you pay?  Do you receive a monthly
invoice, or deposit money on account?   Are subscription agents able to
handle pay-as-you-go invoicing?  Also, how do you monitor the end user's
activity for abuse?  Is it possible to monitor  usage abuse by the
sub-class D IP range and  how do you deal with access via a proxy server?
Or, do you limit access by username and password?


Liz Lorbeer

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