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Re: Transition from print to electronic annual reports Hill, Katherine 12 Mar 2004 13:43 UTC

Dustin, we are a small community college library.  We used to write directly to some selected companies for ARs.  We stopped doing that as soon as EDGAR went online several years ago.  I do feel that the look of that glossy paper version is important.   Most of our students have never seen an annual report and don't really understand what the online version represents.  In marketing classes we show them both EDGAR and an example of a corporate website annual report.  Access to corporate information on the web changes so often that every semester we have to rewrite the handouts.  Sites like Hoover's Online and Yahoo Finance have links to ARs.  We warn the students they don't need to pay fees (i.e. to Hoover's) for information that is free in EDGAR.

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