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Re: Title changes and Voyager processes Susan Wishnetsky (01 Apr 2004 22:09 UTC)

Re: Title changes and Voyager processes Susan Wishnetsky 01 Apr 2004 22:09 UTC

At 03:27 PM 4/1/2004, you wrote:
>This is a question for those using the Voyager system.
>This is what we are planning to do ...

If I've made any blunders below, someone will let me know, I'm sure.

>1. Serial issue arrives at check-in and a change of title is noticed
(if you're lucky)
>2. They pass it to cataloguing staff ...
>3. If new, then cataloguing staff would close our holdings ...
>4. When it comes back to serials they close the component pattern and
>'cancel' the line item

If you simply close the component pattern, it will continue to show up in
check-in, even though no issues will be predicted.  This could prove to be
a nuisance.  To avoid this, you could delete the component (and lose data)
or rename the component something that is unlikely to get searched in
check-in (like "zzjournal of former title").

>5. Serials adds a new line on the same PO and links it to the new
>bib. record, then creates a new component and selects a pattern

You don't ever plan to use Voyager to make or record payment information?
If you do, you must approve the PO, and once it's approved, you cannot add
a new line item.  You can only add line items while the PO has the pending

We create a new PO but give it the same PO number as the previous one, with
a suffix of "a" (or "b" or "c", if there have been several title changes).

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